Police Involved Shooting In Austin Leaves Officer And Suspect Injured


Austin police are investigating a shooting that left an officer and suspect injured early Friday morning.
The incident happened around midnight on the 6300 block of East Hwy 290 WB Service Rd.
According to reports officers received a call about someone shooting at them on the highway.
Once officers located the caller they found the beloved to be shooter moments later.
Officers then got behind the vehicle and turned their lights on to stop the vehicle.
The driver stopped and as authorities got out of their vehicle someone in the other vehicle opened fire striking an officer.
The two officers in return opened fire.
The suspect was also struck.
A police officer and the suspect were transported to a nearby hospital where they underwent surgery.
The officer is expected to survive and the suspect is stable but with life threatening injuries.
Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon said in a statement, “Having watched all that video, it’s chilling, and we are lucky right now that we don’t have more people that are injured, particularly our officers, who in the face of this danger displayed bravery.”
Both officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.


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