Police Officer Fatally Shoots Lyft Driver After Believing The Victim Was ‘Gay Fraternity’ Recruiter


A police officer in Atlanta who fatally shot a Lyft driver who was taking him home was apprehended and is now facing a murder charge.

34-year-old Koby Minor was placed in the Fulton County Jail last month. This was for the killing of 35-year-old Reginald Folks.

A woman who had stopped her vehicle when she observed Minor waving for assistance after the shooting told authorities that Minor told her that the Lyft driver “is in a gay fraternity and was trying to recruit him.” He added that he believed he was being abducted.

Minor disclosed to authorities that he called for a Lyft as he was leaving another officer’s residence. As they were driving down the street, Folks started talking on the phone in a manner which Minor couldn’t comprehend.

Minor stated that he requested that Folks stop in order for him to get out of the vehicle. Then, he attempted to exit the car at a red light. However, the door was locked and would not open.

Minor stated to authorities that he wasn’t sure if the driver was gay but shot him approximately three times when Folks reached into the back seat. Following the shooting, Minor broke out a window and got out of the car.

Minor had been on unpaid leave at the time, following an arrest on drug charges on Christmas Day in 2023. He had been employed with the Atlanta Police Department since 2018 and submitted his resignation last month.

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