Police Officer Quits After Department Discovers Her OnlyFans Page


A police officer in Detroit, who is also a bodybuilder, has quit her job after her chief discovered she was offering porn on an X-rated OnlyFans page.

A spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department stated that Janelle Zielinski uploaded pornographic recordings that she promoted on Instagram. There, she uploaded explicit images too, some capturing her in her police uniform.

On Tuesday, Detroit Police Chief James White found out about her OnlyFans site and began an investigation, right away.

He then said that Zielinski would be suspended, but the rookie, who just graduatedd from the police academy in March, had already quit.

Sources say that her resignation letter stated that her last day would be September 23, but since she was suspended, she will not be going back to department, at all. They added that the chief makes it a priority that officers in Detroit are seen in a positive manner.

The force did add that Zielinski wore her uniform in some images posted to her Instagram but not on the porn content featured in her OnlyFans site.

She validated the resignation on the site, where she also revealed pictures of herself in tiny bikinis and bodybuilding images.

On Thursday, Zielinski uploaded the most recent picture of her in the gym flexing, including the words, “Life’s too short to give AF.”


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