Police Officer Will Serve Nearly 50 Years In Prison For Raping Woman


An ex-police officer in Atlanta, Georgia, has been given close to a 50-year prison sentence and will be on probation for life after being convicted of rape.

33-year-old Lionel Joseph Dely received his punishment in November after being found guilty of rape and violation of oath by a public officer a month prior.

Officials say that the rape was reported in February by a woman residing in Cherokee County. The victim told detectives Dely was a customer of her home massage company. While an appointment took place, detectives say that Dely displayed his police officer badge, told her that he was an officer performing an investigation, and then sexually assaulted her.

Prosecutors say that the woman didn’t say anything about the incident at first because she was scared of the consequences. A friend was finally able to get her to call authorities, and Dely was apprehended on Feb. 11.

Detectives then located three other victims who didn’t live in the county. They were allowed to provide testimony during the trial.

“This criminal rapist believed he was above the law and was only stopped when one courageous Cherokee County woman came forward,” stated the DA on the case.

“Your badge is supposed to be used to serve and protect, but you used it to abuse and prey on these woman,” stated Judge Tony Baker to Dely.

Dely was given 45 years in prison, plus life on probation. He also has to register as a sex offender, pay $1,100 in restitution, and can’t have any communication with the victims.


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