Police Officers Are Now Permitted To Smoke Marijuana While Off-Duty


New York City police officers will soon be allowed to smoke marijuana when they are not on the clock.

The department that is over all city agencies, New York City Law Department, has decided that NYPD must “cease all random, scheduled and pre-employment testing for marijuana.”

“The Department will continue to administer marijuana screenings to personnel when there is indications of impairment and is reviewing its current policies in light of this directive,” the memo added.

In 2021, ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo passed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, thus creating a change in policy. It also made adult use of marijuana legal in the state of New York.

Before Wednesday’s memo, employees in New York, whose jobs are managed by the federal government, weren’t allowed to smoke marijuana. That’s because it isn’t legal at the federal level, yet, although it is legal in that state.

FDNY, NYPD, and MTA are some of the agencies that are in the category. It isn’t known if the decision to stop marijuana testing will apply to other agencies, as well.

The guideline does make an exception. If an officer is suspected of being impaired by marijuana while working, that officer can be tested.

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