Police Sergeant In Critical Condition After Trying To Take His Own Life


In recent weeks, suicides have increased among officers in the Chicago Police Department.

The department has noted that two have died by suicide, recently. On Saturday morning, a third officer, a sergeant, tried to take his own life. Officials stated that the officer’s prognosis isn’t good.

A former CPD officer commented on the tragedy. “It’s very heartbreaking to know that an officer was under so much stress, so depressed, they felt this was the only way out…”

A 29-year-old CPD officer, Patricia Swank, committed suicide on July 2. Then, on Friday, another officer, 42-year-old Durand Lee, was discovered deceased in his residence after taking his own life.

The ex-CPD officer, Jamay Nullum-Fane, said that the emotional stress of officers has been heightened.

“The days off being canceled, and then we have to be real….The stress that our officers are under responding to calls-person with a gun, person shot, domestic battery, child abuse, sexual assault…”

She believes that counselors or social workers may be needed at each district to support the officers.



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