Police Vehicle Gains National Attention For Its Distinctive Size


After a picture of one of their cars went viral online, the Little Rock Police Department gained national attention.

People have made many remarks regarding the small nature of the car. Some jokingly stated that it “runs off of two AA batteries” and that if it was involved in a police chase, the suspects would get away “on foot.”

Officer Brian Omundson, of the Little Rock Police Department stated that the vehicle is one of two that the department possesses. It is 8 feet long, 5.3 feet high, and 4 feet wide. He added that it is beneficial because officers can effectively patrol areas without damaging property where there is heavy traffic.

It is also noted that the cars don’t exceed 25 miles per hour.

The car is totally electric and has sparked conversations.

“It is a great icebreaker. People like to come up and make a joke. We make a little joke back. Then, we explain to them the usefulness of them for police work,” Omundson stated.


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