Popeyes Restaurant Closes Down After Video Shows Roaches Crawling On To Go Food Orders


This week, a Popeyes chicken restaurant had to close down after a DoorDash driver posted a video that revealed cockroaches all on the floor.

“They got roaches y’all,” the driver said in one of the videos that showed the roaches crawling around a food order. “Running all over the straws,” he continued.

“I told the workers. They all just back there. They cleared out…just laughing.”

A representative for the restaurant confirmed that this particular Popeyes on the east side of Detroit, has been closed down temporarily because of the recording.

“This is completely unacceptable! This restaurant was run by an independent franchisee and has been shut down until it can provide our guests with the Popeyes standards and service they deserve,” the rep. said.

“I just couldn’t believe that they were even open and working in those conditions,” the driver commented.

A bug expert noted that the German cockroaches probably first came into the store as ‘hitchhikers.’

“Somebody has an infected home. They come to work and bring cockroaches with them in a backpack, purse, coat, whatever. Or it comes in on transportation and goods,” stated Mark VanderWerp of Rose Pest Solutions.


  1. That’s why I don’t like eating out in restaurants that I can’t get out and check the cleanest for myself that’s nasty that’s filthy and they need to be closed down


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