Post Malone Vows To Tattoo No. ’88’ On His Forehead If Cowboys Win The Super Bowl


This week, 27-year-old musician Post Malone told ex-Dallas Cowboys player Michael Irvin that he will get his number “88” uniform tattooed on his forehead if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl.

In a recording, it appears that Post Malone was having dinner at the Tower Club in Dallas with ex-Cowboys Drew Peterson, Dez Bryant, Irvin, and several more people. Irvin, Pearson, and Bryant all wore the no.88 when they played for the team. Now, CeeDee Lamb is wearing the number.

Post Malone, who’s real name is Austin Richard Post, has tattoos all over his face and body.

The video depicts Irvin lifting a glass and requesting that everyone meet back up in February if the Cowboys reach the Super Bowl.

Post Malone then commented that he would tattoo No. 88 to his forehead. But, he noted that the Cowboys must win the Super Bowl, not just get there.

“If the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, I’ll get an 88 on my forehead,” Post Malone stated.

The ex-Cowboys players then cheered.


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