Power Couple Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide, Leaving Behind 8 Kids


Keianna Burns, 44, and her husband, Ronnell Burns 46, were new to Atlanta after moving from St. Louis for business purposes.

On November 6, the married couple with eight children, died from a murder-suicide. Authorities say that Keianna shot and killed her husband and then herself.

Although the children weren’t home at the time, the woman had displayed a video of her and a girl singing and dancing hours before.

Ronnell and Keianna were social media influencers who had thousands of followers. On October 30, she posted a video on Facebook sharing some of her feelings.

“..And the reason why I’m going live is sometimes you gotta reach out and tell people that you need love, you need support, you need care. You just need a hug. And honestly you guys, I need that. I need that right now,” she expressed.

Eight years ago, Mr. Burns was on an episode of “Divorce Court” after his ex-wife accused him of cheating and destroying her credit. He is said to have changed his life after meeting Keianna.



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