Pre-K Teachers Allegedly Lock 4-Year-Old in Bathroom and Turn Off Lights as a Disciplinary Action In Mississippi


The mother of a 4-year-old boy claims her son was locked in the bathroom at his preschool by teachers who were “disciplining” him.

Tonetta McClain says her child, who is a Pre-K student at Batesville Elementary School in Batesville, Mississippi, told her about the incident when she picked him up.

According to McClain, the little boy told her that he went inside the bathroom and the teachers turned the lights off and held the door closed. The mother says her 4-year-old, who has ADHD and autism, cries before going to school since the alleged incident on August 5th.

McClain claims the principal confirmed the incident, however; in a statement released by the school district, they say there was no supporting information found during their investigation.

Despite the district denying the allegations, McClain provided screenshots of alleged messages between her and her son’s teacher. One of the messages from the teacher read, “[…]is going to have to stop hitting and kicking his teachers.”

The message continues, “I will walk him down the hallway or outside if he doesn’t flail and pull from me.”

McClain continues to investigate into the matter and is determined to make sure that it never happens again.


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