Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot By Teens While Picking Up Partygoers


In a case of mistaken identity, a pregnant woman was fatally shot as a group of teens are said to have shot at her car.

36-year-old Kerisha Johnson was fatally shot earlier this month as she tried to pick up people who had been attending a party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Johnson was nine months pregnant and was set to give birth within a few days from the incident. She was discovered dead in her vehicle by officers who had come to the scene because of shots fired.

While investigating, officials learned that the festivities were advertised as an Easter party that mostly teens attended.

They also found out that Johnson had been driving in the direction of the party when multiple people started to shoot towards her white sedan. The offenders had thought that Johnson was someone who had been driving a car that looked like hers and who shot in the air close to the party prior to that.

Johnson tried to leave the scene but was struck by gunfire, causing the death of her and her unborn child.

Now, Marques Porch, Gregory Parker, and Derrick Curry, all 19, have been charged with murder and first-degree feticide.

Porch admitted to authorities that he gave the firearms to the other two males prior to the shooting. He was shot while fleeing the scene but didn’t sustain any life-threatening wounds.


  1. This is so F***ing sad!! I think it should be two counts of murder. I know the baby didn’t never take a breath outside of her body, but I’m sure the baby was very much alive. They want let people have abortions because your killing a child. What the hell did they do? They killed a innocent child this was a full grown baby.

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