Pregnant Woman Fatally Stabs Boyfriend During Argument


On Tuesday, a pregnant woman’s bond was set at $2 million by a judge after she was accused of stabbing and killing her boyfriend. This came after the two were said to have been arguing about who would use the microwave first.

Last weekend, 32-year-old Keshia Golden, her boyfriend, and several family members were at a residence in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. The couple started to have a dispute over the microwave, and Golden slapped a plate out of her boyfriend’s hands, officials say.

Golden’s 33-year-old boyfriend then grabbed her and knocked her into a counter. Prosecutors say that his uncle then broke the two apart.

The boyfriend then walked to another room where Golden followed him and is said to have still been arguing. Shen then retrieved a knife. When a relative attempted to come between them, Golden allegedly reached around them and stabbed the man in the thigh.

Prosecutors say the her unidentified boyfriend was transported to a hospital and then died as he had a severed artery.

Although fleeing from the home initially, Golden came back and was apprehended by authorities after being identified by relatives.

Golden, who is 8 months pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, didn’t appear for her court hearing.

Court documents show that there have been five previous reports with police, regarding domestic violence. Four involve Golden accusing her boyfriend of striking and choking her. In August, her boyfriend accused her of stabbing him in the neck. He was placed in the hospital but didn’t press charges.

Golden is set to appear in court on Friday.

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