Preliminary Autopsy Reveals Brianna Grier Died From Blunt Force Trauma


Last month, Brianna Grier, a woman from Georgia, died after falling out of a patrol vehicle. After examining her medical records, doctors noted that she died from severe blunt force trauma to the head.

The 28-year-old was having a mental health episode, and her family had asked for assistance at their residence in Hancock County on July 14.

Deputies placed Grier in the patrol vehicle with handcuffs and no seat belt. They also didn’t close the rear passenger door properly before driving away. Grier fell from the moving car, and seven days later, she died after being in a coma.

“In this case, the cause of death is consistent with the severe blunt force injury that occurred inside of the head,” said Dr. Allecia Wilson, director of autopsy and forensic services at the University of Michigan.

Wilson added that Grier probably struck her head on a hard object, leading to her brain shifting and swelling.

Grier had fractures on the left side of her head, and her brain structures had been compressed.

Wilson revealed images of Grier’s brain from a CT scan. It showed her scalp bleeding and a fracture below the left side of her brain. She added that a hard object to her skull caused Grier’s brain to move and impact the other side of her head.

“This is a large subdural hematoma, and that’s blood underneath the dura on the right side of the brain.”

Grier’s body was transported to the GBI Crime Lab so that an autopsy could be conducted. The results have not been released, and the matter will continue to be investigated.

Body cam footage of the incident has been released, but Grier’s relatives want to know why she wasn’t secured in a seat belt and want other body cam footage released, as well.


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