President Biden Wants To Give An Incentive For Getting The Covid-19 Vaccination


President Joe Biden is giving an incentive to those who are hesitant about getting the Covid-19 vaccination shot. Money!

Although some states have already begun this, he is requesting that more join them. Cases of the delta variant are increasing, and the daily number of vaccinations have been decreasing since April.

Some states have attempted free beer, lottery-like giveaways, gift cards, and much more. However, is is not yet known if this is actually getting more people vaccinated, a research associate at the University of Pennsylvania said.

He said that this shows that the government is “desperate in trying to get shots into arms.”

California gave away $11.6 million in gift cards as a reward. They wanted to get 70% of eligible participants vaccinated by mid-June. They are at 62.5%.

In Colorado, five $1 million awards and 25 $50,000 scholarships were given as an incentive. Now, centers have seen a 40% increase in visits since July 21.


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