Private Christian School Teacher Arrested After ‘Twerking’ On Student At Prom


On Tuesday, an ex-private Christian school teacher was apprehended after claims that she danced (“twerked”) against a minor student.

39-year-old Julie Kinsey Hoover used to work as a teacher at Point of Grace Christian School, in Perry, Florida. She is accused of engaging in lewd conduct with a student, 17, as a school prom took place in April. She also faces charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Reports indicate that a student told detectives that they had to come between the teacher and the student on several occasions. It was an attempt to get Hoover to stop.

The student who attended the prom told detectives that Hoover forced him to drink alcohol. Additionally, he said that several times, she placed a straw from an alcoholic drink in his mouth.

Point of Grace reported that staff had alcoholic beverages for themselves, in the back, to consume after the prom was finished and students were gone.

Documents show that Hoover was arrested, last year in June, as well. This was after a parent of an 18-year-old senior disclosed to authorities that the ex-teacher had sexted her son.

The mother added that Hoover was planning for the student to come to her residence while her husband was gone to work.


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