Rapper NBA Youngboy’s Texas House Raided By SWAT


Rapper NBA Youngboy owns a home in Texas where his mother resides.

On Tuesday, a SWAT raid took place at the location, and 3 men were apprehended. Several AR-15s, handguns, and long guns were also seized.

Although his mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, lives in the house, it is unknown if she was present when law enforcement officials came on the scene.

The 3 individuals arrested are connected to NBA Youngboy and have been charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, and more. However, neither NBA Youngboy nor his mother were taken into custody.

A sheriff official has stated that the apprehensions are connected to a shooting that occurred in November. In that incident, a man was hit by gunfire many times in the body and head. He survived the shooting and was released from the hospital.

Back in October, NBA Youngboy was locked up in federal prison on gun charges. He had to pay $500,000 to be released and was ordered to stay in home confinement in Utah until his court hearing.


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