Rapper Oh Boy Prince Speaks Out After Brake Pad From 18 Wheeler Strikes Him In The Face


After being in a major accident as he was driving in Texas, Oh Boy Prince, from Brooklyn, has discussed the incident.

The “Stanky Leg” artist stated that he was driving his vehicle on Interstate 30 with his girlfriend, Unique Musick, on Friday, Jan.6.

Close to an hour after they had dropped off his child, a brake pad from an 18-wheeler came off and struck his vehicle. The brake pad broke through the windshield and their dashboard, striking the rapper in the face. At the end, the pad ended up in the child’s car seat in the back of the car.

“I just passed out. She kept telling me to get off the gas and hit the brake,” he remembered. Unique then took over the steering wheel to prevent the vehicle from wrecking.

Later, first responders transported the rapper to Methodist Dallas Medical Center. There, he had to have three surgeries on his face and mouth and spent five days hospitalized.

“The impact fractured the bones in my face and right eye socket, so they had to put plates in my face, and screws and wires in my jaw.”

Now, he said that he has hired a lawyer and is seeking justice. However, first, he must determine which 18-wheeeler actually struck him. It was difficult to tell because of the angle of the camera from the vehicle. A wall also obstructed the view of the accident.

“No one has been charged in the case of being held responsible,” he added.

He and his lawyers are now speaking out about safety measures on the highway and additional cameras on the roads.

“I feel like 18-wheeelers need to make sure they’re getting the vehicle checked before hitting the road. We could have died,” Unique stated.


  1. Truck drivers are required to to a pre trip and post trip inspection. You don’t know how far that truck traveled before the incident.


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