Rapper Who Made Song About Getting Rich Off of Unemployment Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charge


A Memphis rapper who rapped about getting rich off of unemployment and received $1,256,108 in fraudulent funds, pleaded guilty in court.

Fontrell Antonio Baines, 33, also known as “Nuke Bizzle,” admitted to using stolen identities to apply for and receive unemployment benefits. Baines would have the funds loaded on prepaid debit cards that would be sent in the mail.

From July 2020 to September 2020, Baines filed 92 fraudulent claims and received a total of $1,256,108 in fraudulent unemployment.

He used the money to help support his rap career and lifestyle. One of his songs, titled “EDD,” is named after California’s unemployment program. Baines raps, “I done got rich off of EDD.”

In the music video, Baines is holding a stack of envelopes that contain the illegally obtained debit cards.

Initially, he pleaded not guilty in November 2020.

Baines accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud.

He faces up to 20 years in prison.


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