Recording Shows 11-Year-Old Shooting Two Of His Youth Football Teammates


On Monday, an 11-year-old boy was said to have shot two of his youth football teammates as a disturbance took place during practice.

In a recording, the boy is observed running to a car in a parking lot. He then retrieved a firearm  from the passenger-side seat and then shot another boy who was facing away from him.

A few seconds following that, a woman went over to the 11-year-old and took the gun away from him prior to scolding him in the parking lot.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred at about 8:20 p.m. at the Northwest Recreation Complex football field in Apopka, Florida. They added that when the child fired the shot, it struck others, hitting one in the upper body area and one in the arm.

The two boys are expected to survive.

When officers arrived to the location, they apprehended the 11-year-old, and he has been charged with one count of second-degree attempted murder.

Authorities now say that the 11-year-old’s parents could be charged criminally if it is found that they left the firearm where the child could gain access to it.


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