Referee Tony Brothers Punished After Using Obscenity Towards Mavs’ Spencer Dinwiddie


On November 4, the Dallas Mavericks played the Toronto Raptors. Then, a teammate told Spencer Dinwiddie that NBA referee Tony Brothers had said something about him using profanity. This came after Dinwiddie received a technical foul.

Now, new information has come out relating to the punishment that Brothers received for his behavior.

“Veteran referee Tony Brothers was forced to miss one game assignment after Dallas’ Spencer Dinwiddie said Brothers referred to him as a ‘bitch-ass motherf—-r’ Nov. 4, sources say. It’s believed no discipline was formally announced because it was not a suspension without pay,” said NBA reporter Marc Stein.

Thus, it seems to many that Brothers simply got a slap on the wrist and paid time off.

29-year-old Dinwiddie has played for the Mavericks for two years and has been in the NBA for nine years. He has been averaging about 17.1 points per game and about 3.1 rebounds thus far in the season. He has also been connecting about 41.2% of his 3-point attempts which is an all-time high in his career.


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