Relatives Of Missing Dog Walker Believe She Was Abducted


The parents of woman from Lancashire, England, are fearful that the missing dog walker was abducted by somebody.

Nicola Bulley, a mortgage adviser and mother of two, went missing last Friday. Her cell phone was last seen on a beach where she was last observed on a towpath close to River Wyre.

Her parents say that the 45-year-old didn’t have any health problems and was doing well, enjoying her job.

Ernest, her father, says that there is no indication that his daughter fell or slipped, so he believes someone must have taken her. However, a police sergeant told him that they don’t know if that’s the case. Because the desolate location where her phone was found, her father thinks that she must have been taken by somebody that knew her.

At the same time, police have looked in an abandoned house, close to the bench where Bulley’s phone was discovered. She had been walking her dog which was located loose by the bench and river.

Authorities say that they are keeping an “open-mind” about what occurred but don’t think that Bulley was attacked.


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