Remains Of Missing 2-Year-Old Girl Discovered In Dresser Drawer


A 2-year-old girl had been missing since January from Cromwell, Oklahoma. Now, her remains have potentially been found in Indiana. Her birth father had reported her missing.

Oaklee Mae Snow’s remains were discovered in a dresser drawer in an abandoned residence in Morgantown, authorities say.

Now, the child’s mother 22-year-old Madison Marshall, and her boyfriend, Roan Waters are facing several charges in relation to her death.

Marshall admitted to authorities that the child was abused at the hands of Waters before she died. This included “choking the girl out,” for holding a fork the wrong way or beating her for crying because of a wet diaper.

On the day that Oaklee passed, Marshall told investigators that Waters had been screaming at the child to bounce on a bouncy ball before she became unresponsive while outside.

When Waters rushed the girl in, the mother wanted to take her to the hospital, but Waters feared he would be jailed. He then attempted to revive her by throwing water on the 2-year-old, but that was unsuccessful. Thus, he wrapped her in a blanket, put flowers on top, and drove to an abandoned home where the pair left the child’s body.

Documents note that Marshall was crying when she took officers to the home where Oaklee’s remains were. Although the remains were extremely decomposed, authorities were able to tell that it was a blonde-haired girl.

The child’s father has noted that an autopsy took place before the girl’s body was sent back to Oklahoma for funeral services.


  1. The supposively parents are out of their freaking minds. Poor innocent children brought into this world by a monster. Rest easy little angel

  2. What ever their last meal was should be their last! Dont wait for the next 40 years to give them what they deserve !!!

  3. I can not imagine a mother letting this happen to her child. So heartbreaking. Maybe they will receive the same treatment in jail as they did to this child.

  4. Should be a “Tit for Tat”… They don’t deserve to be housed, fed, medicated or anything else by taxpayers for the crime they committed. Stuff their arses in a drawer or something so they can’t get out… They don’t deserve to be alive & cared for… That child deserved it all. RIP baby girl… No more harm will come to you.

  5. This was not a parent this was a crazy person condolences to the family 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  6. They need the death penalty they don’t deserve to live after what they did to that poor innocent child.

  7. I so want to be put in to the cell with that peace of shit and beat the hell out of him like he done that sweet little innocent little baby girl she definitely didn’t deserve eney of that her so called mother needs the same thing done to her as well they need to put them to the front of the line and kill them and get it done with

  8. When are they going to make the Law if parents kill their child they will go straight to the Death Chair! No trial, no plea deal, and no sitting on Death row.

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