Restaurant Receives Attention After Adding ‘Loud Kids Fee’ To Customers’ Bill


A restaurant in Georgia is enforcing their policy for customers eating with children.

Toccoa Riverside Restaurant has an “adult surcharge for adults unable to parent $$$.”

At the beginning of this month, the steakhouse stood strong on its stance of their fee when multiple families ate together at the restaurant. Reports indicate that the owner of Toccoa added a $50 kids fee to every bill at that table.

When the owner, Tim Richter was questioned, he stated that the kids were being “too loud.” It was said that the group included four families. Additionally, there were children in the group that were ages 3 to 8 years old.

Richter had gone over to the table during dessert. At that time, it seems as though the children had gone closer to their parents near the waterfront area of the restaurant. The owner had a menu in his hands, displaying where the fee is written when he went to their table.

It was reported that Richter was not only upset that the children were being too loud, but he was also angry that they had been running around.

One of parents challenged the owner’s explanation, but she reported that the owner then questioned their presence at the dining establishment. She added that Richter screamed at them while telling them that they should have gone to Burger King.

On Friday, the restaurant was listed as having a 4.1 rating on Google and having over 2,000 various reviews.


  1. I agree! Control your bad@$$ kids so other can dine! Or take them to burger king where they can have it their way. Or better yet, Chuck E. Cheese where a kid can be a kid

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