Ring Video Reveals Gunman Pointing Firearm At Couple After Following Them Home


A couple from Colorado were followed home and confronted by a man at their front door. He then pointed a firearm at them before leaving. The incident was caught on the couple’s Ring camera.

A few minutes after that, the suspect and a female companion are thought to have committed an aggravated robbery, police say.

Some of the incident that was recorded was reported on July 15 and released by the police department in a Denver suburb. The couple had been walking home when the male and female trailed behind them.

After the man pointed the gun at them, at their front door, the couple slammed the door shout as heard on the video. It then depicted the two people running to a silver SUV before leaving the scene.

Five minutes after that, a man, who was putting items in his vehicle, was thought to have been robbed by the same man and woman.

“Although they both appear to be wearing costumes or at least wigs, their faces are quite clear. In other words, if you know them, odds are you’ll recognize them,” the Wheat Ridge Police Department stated.

After the robbery, the suspects fled again in a silver SUV, possibly a Kia Sportage.


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