Rise In Kia Car Theft’s Following Viral TikTok Challenge


A TikTok challenge that went viral has resulted in a rise in auto thefts across the globe.

TikTok’s “Kia Challenge”, which recently went viral, shows users starting-up their Kias and Hyundais with only a USB cable.

The trend started by a user who uploaded a video of himself turning on his car with a USB cable. Viewers, wanting to test the theory out for themselves, began partaking in the challenge and sharing their videos to TikTok.

With only a USB cable, thieves are able to essentially “hot wire” certain Kias and Hyundais and gain full access to the vehicles. As a result, an increase in Hyundais and Kias are reported being stolen across the globe.

Investigators say it’s a design flaw with the Southern Korean made vehicles. Kias made after 2011 and Hyundais newer than 2015 are most susceptible.


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