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R Kelly Accused of Leading A Cult In His Homes And Brainwashing Women


The infamous r&b singer R. Kelly is being accused of holding a group of women in a cult and dictating their lives out of his Chicago and Atlanta home.
It is being reported that Kelly has six young women between the ages of 19-25 that reside in his homes where he controls all of their lives and makes them ask permission to use the restroom, get food, have Sex and much more. It was also stated that he doesn’t allow them to have contact with the outside world or their families.
An inside source said that Kelly has had the women for more than a year and he uses physical and verbal abuse to prey on the ladies and that he allows them to contact family memebers only on holidays. They told sources a few of the mothers have reached out to Kelly and gotten no response and that all they wanna do is bring their daughters home safe.

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