Rookie Sheriff’s Deputy Has Sex While At Work, Broadcasting It On Airwaves


A rookie police officer has been accused of having sex on the job and unintentionally broadcasting it across the airwaves of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.

Reports indicate that the officer had been working at the men’s central jail when she is then said to have gone out to a parking garage. However, she had accidentally turned her radio on. A woman was then heard moaning and laughing while dispatch attempts to tell her that her mic was open.

“95-ocean you have an open mic. Secure mic,” the dispatcher continues to say.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is aware of a potential incident involving personnel possibly involved in inappropriate behavior. The Department is inquiring and investigating further. The department does not tolerate inappropriate behavior and has an expectation that each Department member will conduct themselves in a professional manner consistent with our core values,” a statement from the sheriff’s office noted.

Consequences for these actions could include suspension, termination, or even charges.

As of right now, the department is still looking into the matter.



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