San Antonio Mother Fatally Ran Over By Another Mother After Bullying Incident


A San Antonio mother of 5 was killed outside of her home when another mother drove her car into a group of people, dragging her and another person.

28-year-old Ashley Lopez went outside when she heard a group of kids, who were allegedly bullying her 11-year-old daughter, outside of her home on January 11.

According to cellphone footage and numerous witnesses, Pennie Gomez, 36, got into her Hyundai Sonata and drove towards the group, running over Lopez and another woman.

Gomez, whose daughter was allegedly living with Lopez at the time, continued to drag both women with her car despite bystanders telling her to stop.

Lopez was pronounced deceased while the other woman was seriously injured.

Authorities arrested Gomez for murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She also faces charges of drug possession and had outstanding warrants at the time of her arrest.

According to the arrest affidavit, at least five witnesses told police they saw Gomez intentionally drive into the crowd.



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