Shavon Bland, The Sister Of Sandra Bland, Becomes An Officer With The Dallas Police Department

Courtesy: WFAA

Shavon Bland has joined the Dallas Police Department.

Bland is the sister of Sandra Bland whose arrest received great criticism after she was stopped by police for not turning on her traffic signal. At some point, Sandra Bland was taken out her vehicle and tased. Three days following that, she was discovered dead in her jail cell.

Shavon Bland stated that she first joined the force for her sister and relatives. She began by speaking out about police brutality.

She then decided that if she wanted to see change, she would really have to do something about it. Thus, she joined the Dallas Police Academy.

The apprehension and death of Sandra Bland changed law and made police departments in Texas implement racial profiling training and keep documents that have information on race and ethnicity of those who are stopped.

Bland says that her sister would be happy about her new career path.

On Monday, Shavon Bland will start her field training and says she is ready for the challenge ahead.


  1. God bless u and keep u Ms. Shavon Bland. When u lose a love one wrongfully. We want to see change and will stand on the front lines to do so. Cover her in ur blood jesus.

  2. Thank you lord somebody that’s gone understand and follower the rules hope she report the F sh*t they do..🫡

  3. Hmmmm… better way to see that all police are not like the ones who the news media targets. Get ready for one hell of a ride, sweetheart.

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