Sheriff Deputies Placed On Administrative Leave After Recording Shows Them Slamming Man On The Ground During Arrest


Two sheriff deputies in Butts County, Georgia, are being investigated after a recording of an arrest they performed at a restaurant has been circulating the internet.

The cell phone footage shows the deputies apprehending someone at Shawn O’Brian Road House, on Hwy. 36, in Jackson, Georgia, at 2 a.m., on Sunday.

One deputy is observed talking to a man. When he walked off, another deputy approached the man, pulled him, and threw him on the ground.

They then put the man in handcuffs. It’s unclear why the man was being apprehended or if he was hurt during the occurrence.

Because of complaints and the recording, the deputies have been placed on administrative leave, officials say.

Additionally, an independent, third-party investigation is being conducted by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputies identities and information on why they had gone to the restaurant aren’t known at this time.



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