Singer Arrested After Shooting At Her Former Husband’s Girlfriend


This past weekend, a Memphis singer is said to have shot at her husband’s girlfriend. The couple was said to be divorcing soon.

Someone told police that she and her friend had been exiting the Hotworx Gym on Germantown Road, in Cardova, Tennessee, Saturday afternoon. This was when Stefanie Bolton-Bernard drove up on them screaming obscenities.

Authorities say the woman entered her vehicle prior to Bolton coming up to her car. Bolton then is said to have started banging on the windows and yelling at her. She told authorities that Bolton was angry that her husband wasn’t going to be with her anymore.

When she was exiting the parking lot, Bolton trailed behind her and drove wildly in oncoming traffic alongside her. The victim’s friend followed behind Bolton.

When the woman turned on a street,  Bolton is accused of pulling up next to her and shot at the woman. The bullet hit the rear driver’s side window and went through the rear passenger window.

Detectives said Bolton contacted 911 to say that she had shot her gun and later confessed to shooting at the victim.

Bolton is currently out on a $75,000 bond and is set to appear in court September 12.


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