Singer Ashanti Says Music Producer Wanted Sex In Exchange For Free Studio Recordings


Singer Ashanti has discussed an unpleasant situation that involved a music producer who attempted to make her have sex with him as payment for studio recording time.

During Thursday’s interview on “The Breakfast Club,” she said that the producer had teamed up with her for a couple of weeks. He had told her that he would work with her at no cost since she was the “homie.”

Ashanti added that she and the producer made two songs, but then he changed things up. He did so by requesting that they take a shower together, if not, she would have to give him $40,000 a piece for the songs.

When she saw that he wasn’t playing, Ashanti said she called a few people to “handle the situation.” Tina Douglas, Ashanti’s mother, validated the claims.

They also talked about possibly exposing the studio person in an upcoming memoir.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first instance where Ashanti has had issues with people in her inner circle.

When she was recently on “Red Table Talk” she confessed to ‘making calls’ subsequent to her younger sister, Kenashia, being victim to a vicious domestic violence attack.


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