Single Cleburne Mother Receives Unexpected $4K Tip


A single mom received an unexpected $4,000 gift from a stranger while she was working.

Chelsea Bell works as a bartender at Chances Dance Hall in Cleburne. What she thought would be a normal day at work, turned into one that she would never forget.

Two women walked into the bar and ordered shots for everyone. One woman’s tab rang up to $179 but when Bell looked at the tip line, she noticed the woman tipped her $1,000.

Bell started crying and thanking the woman, in disbelief. To Bell’s surprise, the woman then told her that $1,000 actually wasn’t enough and changed it to $2,000.

After the woman left and Bell looked at the receipt, she saw that she was tipped $4,000.

Bell is a single woman whose son is starting college at Texas A&M this fall. She says the money is going to help her with expenses to get him situated.

The generous woman apparently just received an inheritance and wanted to brighten someone’s day.


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