‘Slutty Vegan’ Founder Gifts All Clark Atlanta University Graduates Of 2022 With Their Own LLC


Aisha “Pinky” Cole is a restaurant owner in Atlanta, Georgia. On Saturday, she gifted 800 graduates, from her alma mater, Clark Atlanta University, with a jumpstart to opening their own business.

The Slutty Vegan CEO addressed the Class of 2022 during their commencement exercises. She then gave the whole class a limited liability company, or LLC.

“I partnered with Varo Bank to provide every single graduate in this audience with a new LLC and a path to entrepreneurship. Every single graduate in this audience will leave this stadium as a business owner,” she declared.

In 2009, Cole graduated from CAU after studying mass communication/media. She was also previously named Miss Clark Atlanta and was initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

“Pinky Cole had a business and lost everything. My car got repo’d, got kicked out of my house, went flat broke, almost lost my mind. Almost four years later, she now owns and operates a $100 million vegan brand. She found aspirations in those losses. You think I was gonna give up because of some failure? Hell no! And neither will you,” Cole said as she spoke to the graduates.

“…the class of 2022. I want you to fail…fail so hard you become an expert in failure and you get a PhD in failology. I want you to fail because failing is not failing at all. It is finding aspiration in the losses.”

It is reported that the LLCs that were purchased costs about $400,000.

Cole has a nonprofit, the Pinky Cole Foundation, which strives to empower future generations by providing financial literacy support and entrepreneurship training.


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