SMU Athletes To Be Paid $36,000 A Year By Boulevard Collective


SMU football and men’s basketball players will be paid $36,000 each for a grand amount of $3.5 million by the new Boulevard Collective.

The number of players to be paid hasn’t been publicly announced.

Chris Schoemann will be the executive director, and the organization has teamed up with NIL service Opendorse to offer education and tax information.

Because of these funds and another $1 million already being given by Pony Sports DTX, SMU has become the most “ambitious collective group” in the nation.

“This is just the beginning. The purpose of the Boulevard Collective is to create opportunities for SMU athletes that enhance their athletic career. Meanwhile, it will prepare them for wherever their professional aspirations might take them at SMU and beyond…”

Collectives aren’t directly tied to the school. However, they pay athletes which is mandatory by NIL guidelines and laws. For instance, Texas Tech players will get money for community service. On Saturday, when Boulevard Collective hosted an event, SMU athletes put together 400 backpacks with school supplies which will go to Dallas students.

In 1987, SMU was known to have violated NCAA rules with boosters paying players although they had been busted several times. For many years, the program was closed down. Now, many rules have changed, and the SMU money has returned.

“I always thought it was fair for players to get whatever they could get. Everybody was doing it. I’m really happy it’s finally playing out like it always should have,” stated ex-running back Eric Dickerson.


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