Sony Being Sued For $5.91 Billion After Overcharging Customers At The PlayStation Online Store


There have been allegations of “ripping off” customers in the U.K. against Sony. Now, millions of Playstation customers may qualify for a share in a $5.91 billion lawsuit against the company.

The class action has noted that Sony violated competition laws and misused its market position.

If the claims are validated, 8.9 million customers in the U.K. could get anywhere from $79 to $664. That doesn’t entail interest.

The lawsuit alleges that Sony sold digital games and in-house games at very costly rates, possibly leading customers to pay too much. It added that the video game industry placed a 30% commission to every digital and in-house purchase via the Playstation Store website. Thus, it impacted how customers purchase games.

Since August 19, 2016, any individual who purchased digital games or add-on content on their console or via the Playstation Store is automatically eligible for the claim.

People who believe that they qualify for compensation should register at

It is also encouraged that no purchase emails from Sony are deleted as they are needed as evidence that you were affected.



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