Spud Webb’s Eagle’s Jersey Retired At Wilmer-Hutchins High School


On Tuesday evening, the ex-basketball player, Spud Webb, had his jersey retired at Wilmer-Hutchins High School.

Webb is the shortest player to ever win the slam dunk contest in the NBA. Additionally, he is said to be the greatest player to star for the Eagles at the school.

Initially, Webb’s jersey was retired close to 1991 or 1992. Then, somehow, a player started wearing it. Now, after 30 years, things have been made right. The number will be retired forever.

“…it belongs to Spud Webb. He earned. He earned it. And he deserves it,” declared an old teammate, Vee Collier.

Webb was a star in the NBA for 12 years.

“That’s the best thing you can ask for from your neighborhood, for them to recognize you as one of their own,” Webb stated.


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