Starbucks Stops Serving New Chicken Sandwich That Caused Customers Diarrhea


Starbucks has pulled their new chicken sandwich after some customers have stated that it has caused them diarrhea.

On June 27, the company pulled the Chicken Maple Butter and Egg Sandwich from its list of options. It was initially supposed to be a permanent menu option after just being launched on June 21.

One person’s TikTok video tells of her testing positive for campylobacter since eating the sandwich a few days prior. Campylobacter infections, mostly related to raw chicken, are the most known bacterial cause of diarrhea sickness in the U.S.

“Suing for the worst diarrhea in my life. I have been living in my bathroom for two days now,” another person’s post has stated.

Some people on social media have complained of vomiting and stomach aches while others say the sandwich was cold in the middle. Another person wrote that they had bitten into a bone.

“We issued a voluntary stop sell and discard on the Chicken, Maple Butter and Egg Sandwich. The product didn’t meet Starbucks quality standards…. This is not an FDA issued recall nor is it related to salmonella or listeria contamination. The quality issue that was identified by Starbucks would not lead to food borne illness. Any reports linking the stop sale to illness is inaccurate,” a Starbucks spokesperson stated.



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