States Propose Allowing Concealed Carry Of Guns Without Permit


Republic lawmakers in several states are teaming up to loosen gun restrictions by allowing people to carry concealed firearms without requiring a permit, a trend that gun control advocates are saying is very dangerous.
There are already fifteen states that are allowing carry without permit. Lawmakers in 9 other states has proposed to allow this practice to expand.
GOP governors hare backing up the changes in the states of Utah and Tennessee. In addition, another bill expanding carry without permit in Montana has already passed the state House.
A lot of states require individuals to obtain weapons training and undergo background checks to get a permit to carry a gun hidden by a jacket or inside your purse. The National Rifle Association and state lawmakers who support gun rights argue that those requirements are not effective and undermine the Second Amendment protections.
The proposed bill comes after gun sales hit historic levels this past summer. Reflected in FBI background checks, amid uncertainty and safety concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, the struggling economy and back lash of protests over racial injustice. Also adding the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
“It is dangerous to allow people to carry hidden, loaded guns possibly without a background check or any training,” she said adding that the annual rate of aggravated assaults with a firearm has increased by 71% in Alaska since the state became the first to allow concealed to carry without a permit in 2003.
The newly proposed bill in Utah would allow any U.S citizen 21 and older to carry a concealed weapon without the now-required background checks and any weapons training. This proposal does allow gun owners who want to carry a concealed weapon out of state to get the required permits and would also have to complete background checks and safety courses.
Spencer Scott, a newly elected GOP Gov. has stated that he supports the idea, in contrary to his predecessor and fellow Republican Gary Herbert, who vetoed a similar bill proposed back in 2013.
Other supports have argued that other state laws against such things as felons having guns and anyone carrying a firearm while under the influence are enough to ensure that any gun laws are used safely and efficiently.
The heavy push in Tennessee came right after the GOP-dominant General Assembly relaxed the state’s handgun law this past year by allowing individuals to obtain concealed-carry-only handgun permit that did not require them to demonstrate the ability on knowing how to fire a weapon.
In Montana, the House has recently passed a bill allowing individuals to carry concealed firearms in most place. Similar bills have been introduced in Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Alabama, and Georgia.
In the state of Texas, the NRA plans to incorporate soon and where some lawmakers bring concealed handguns to work at the Capitol, the GOB has listed several issues as one of eight legislative priorities. This idea however, has failed to gain momentum for years, though, and with Covid-19 promising to be a predominant force in the upcoming session, its prospects are once unsure.



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