Student Wears KKK Costume To School As A Dare


Students and parents are shocked that a student wore a KKK costume to Pittsburg High School in California.

On Wednesday, the student wore the attire and wasn’t dealt with until four class periods into the day.

The costume was taken from the person. However, many students were disturbed by what they observed in-person and on-line.

“I was surprised. Like, how the principal or none of the security agents didn’t stop him or anything like that,” stated Manuel Gutierrez, a student.

A letter addressed to parents acknowledged that a student wore the costume, for a contest, as a “dare.” It also stated that the student most likely wore the costume at various times but not in class.

The school said the student was punished. Furthermore, he will be involved in the restorative justice process to help him understand how what he did affected others in a negative fashion.

However, many people believed the student should have faced expulsion.



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