Subway’s Tuna Contains Chicken, Pork, And Cattle, Lawsuit Says


A new lawsuit has been filed against Subway. This comes after the suit states that nineteen out of twenty samples revealed what is really in the food product.

Chicken, pork, and cattle were all ingredients found in the samples from Subway stores in Southern California. However, no tuna was detected, noted documents.

Subway has said that the modified lawsuit is “meritless.” They said that their fish is of high quality, caught in the water, and is 100% tuna. The company’s attorney plans to file a motion to cease the lawsuit.

One previous study found that the machine used to test the tuna samples may not have alerted to the ingredients inside.

Another analysis did, in fact, find tuna in the samples taken from three various stores.

Subway has continued their position although claims of their “artificial” tuna have been made for years.