‘Sugar Daddy’s’ Severed Thumb Used To Gain Access To His Finance App After He Was Killed


A supposed sugar daddy’s cut-off thumb was used to steal from the man following his killing, prosecutors say.

Images depict 22-year-old Tiffany Taylor Gray and 53-year-old Fasil Teklemariam going into his apartment on April 1. One person told authorities that Teklemariam was Gray’s “sugar daddy.”

Teklemariam’s body was found in the apartment on April 5. Documents show that he had head trauma, stab wounds, and his right thumb had been severed.

A witness disclosed to authorities that the thumb was taken in order to gain access to a finance app on his cellphone and to purchase alcohol and drugs.

Surveillance footage from all over the building showed Gray, Audrey Miller, 19, and two men coming and going from the building for multiple days. They had used Teklemariam’s key fob to gain entry into his apartment.

There also seemed to be remnants of cleaning products used to hide or take away evidence.

Detectives made progress in the case when they found out about a complaint Teklemariam made with D.C. police in 2023. He had stated that Gray had taken his phone and used it to take $1,800 from his finance app. They then found out that his phone was last tracked by a tower in College Park, Maryland, close to where Gray rented an apartment.

Authorities say that it hasn’t been confirmed whether Teklemariam was Gray’s sugar daddy or not. Detectives do think that his severed thumb was used to get information from his phone.

Detectives have not located the victim’s thumb nor the electronics that were taken from his residence.

On June 21, Miller was apprehended and charged with first-degree murder and armed felony murder. She is in custody, pending a preliminary hearing.

On July 1, authorities apprehended Gray and charged her with first-degree murder and armed felony murder.

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