Suspect Arrested In Connection To Denton County Murder


A suspect wanted for murder in Denton County was arrested Wednesday in dallas County.
Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call on I-35E near McCormick Street.
The caller said they saw a man physically forcing a bloody woman into a vehicle.
Once officers arrived they found Cassity Hinojosa,19 covered in blood suffering from a gunshot wound.
She was transported to a nearby hospital where she later died from her injuries.
While searching for the suspect, officers spoke with a resident in the area who told officers they encountered a man that fit the description of the suspect.
They also told officers they weren’t aware at the time that he was involved in a crime and had arranged for an Uber to pick him up and take him to Dallas.
Denton authorities contacted Dallas police and had officers waiting at the destination.
When the Uber reached its destination the suspect was quickly arrested without incident.
He was later identified as Simeon Bonilla,22. He was taken back to Denton County where he was charged with murder and remains in custody on a $500,000 bond.
The motive for the shooting is still unclear and the shooting investigation remains ongoing.


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