Suspect In Custody For The Shooting That Left Two People Dead In Deep Ellum


A 25 year old man has been identified and charged in the shooting that claimed the life of two people while they were at a club in Deep Ellum.

The incident occurred on March 15, 2023 on the 2800 block of Elm Street when officers responded to a shooting call.

Upon their arrival they found two victims, 37 year old Rickey Gossett and 30 year old Danielle Jones, unresponsive from gunshot wounds.

The suspect fled before authorities could arrive.

After a thorough investigation, on June 1, authorities were able to identify 25 year old Tommy Spell as the shooter.

Spell was already in Dallas County Jail on unrelated felony charges.

The attorney for Jones also released a Staten t saying, “We are glad that criminal charges against the shooter are proceeding, but that does not exonerate The Bitter End and other parties responsible for keeping Danielle Jones and other guests safe that night. Ms. Jones was there for a Mom’s Night Out, and because of the bar’s inadequate security measures, her 8-year-old son has to grow up without his mother. We will continue to seek justice in civil court on behalf of our clients.”
– Attorney Nuru Witherspoon

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  1. Prayer to the families that was affected because of this coward. He took upon hisself to have a gun and take the lives of innocent people. May this man spend the rest of his life in prison!!

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