Suspect Shoots Motorist In The Face Prior To Gun Battle With Police Officers


A gun battle with police occurred in Liberty Township, Ohio, when a road rage incident happened at a stoplight on Friday afternoon.

Just prior to 3 p.m., on June 10, a driver in a silver Mercedes and a driver in a black Hummer were stopped beside each other at the crossing of Belmont Avenue and East Liberty Street.

A witness said that he observed a gunman walk towards a Mercedes and shoot the driver in the face. Then, the suspect returned to his Hummer and left the location.

When officers located the Hummer traveling west on East Liberty Street, they pulled the driver over. Authorities say that the suspect then exited the Hummer, went to the front of it, and began firing at police. Cell phone recordings depict the officer taking cover behind a police SUV as they were being fired upon. The officers then returned fire.

When another officer arrived to the location, he parked next to the other patrol vehicle and took cover, as well.

The recording shows the suspect stopping to reload his weapon and then continue to shoot at the policemen.

At some point, the suspect was hit by one of the officer’s bullets and was transported to a hospital. The driver that the suspect shot in the face was taking by air to a hospital and sustained non-life threatening wounds. Neither the victim nor the suspect have been publicly named.

None of the three officers involved were hurt in the occurrence. They have been put on paid administrative leave as an internal investigation is conducted.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is leading the investigation into the matter.



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