Suspect To Be Sentenced After Killing Man And Eating His Testicles


After a degree hearing, a judge has ruled that a man, Mark Latunski, will be charged with first-degree murder.

In 2019, Kevin Bacon’s body was discovered in Latunski’s home in Shiawassee County, Michigan. Latunski confessed in court that he killed and mutilated Bacon, and he took a plea into open murder.

The goal of the hearing was for the judge to decide if Latunski would serve time for first-degree or second-degree murder. The former was decided.

Records show that Latunski and Bacon had met on an online dating app. Bacon’s body was discovered hanging upside down, and his throat had been cut.

Detectives added that Latunski had removed and eaten Bacon’s testicles.

Latunski will be sentenced on December 15.



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