Suspected Bank Robber Arrested After Texting Wife The Evidence


Jason Bradley, an accused bank robber in Illionois, has been charged with robbing a bank with fireworks duct taped to his hips.

On Monday, the suspected thief went into West Suburban Bank in Lombard. He gave the manager a note that read, “I need everything from your drawer or We All Die.”

He revealed his waist that showed the hidden fireworks that was thought to be a bomb. A worker then hit the silent alarm, and the man was given $800.

Forty-five minutes later, the police had surrounded his home. They had gotten his address from the registered Chevy Cruz that he was seen driving. When they contacted his wife, they found messages displaying the traceable bills he was given. He also wrote, “Nobody has been looking for me? Nothing? WTF?”

When Bradley arrived home, he was apprehended.

Officials say that the text messages to his spouse was the most damning evidence against him.


  1. I need whoever is responsible for writing these articles; to proof read and use spell-check. This is the second or third article that has gramatical and spelling errors. 🤦🏾‍♀️


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