Suspects Arrested After Kidnapping And Carjacking A Man And His One Year Old Niece


A man and his one year old niece were carjacked and kidnapped Wednesday morning outside their Dallas home.
The incident took place on Hedgerow Drive, near Love Field airport when a man and his niece were approached by two armed suspects.
The suspects allegedly forced the man and the one year old back into the car and started driving.
The victim called his wife demanding money for the suspects and after that didn’t work they took the victims back to the home and tried to enter.
When that failed they forced the victims back into the car and called the child’s mother demanding money.
The wife and mother of the child both contacted police and were able to give authorities the location of the victims.
Authorities were able to locate the vehicle and tried to perform a traffic stop.
At that point the suspects sped off in the car.
Officers and the help of Air one were able to locate and arrest both suspects and get the victims out unharmed.
The suspects are facing charges on aggravated kidnapping.



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