Suspects In Harris County Deputy’s Fatal Killing Were Already Out On Bond For Murder


Ahsim Taylor Jr. and Jayland Womack were apprehended on Friday, August 28, for the fatal shooting of Deputy Omar Ursin. Ursin worked for Harris County Precinct 3 and had been off-duty when he was killed while getting dinner for his family.

When the two suspects were apprehended, they were already out on bond for other murder charges. Taylor Jr.’s murder charges were linked to a vehicle sale that had gone wrong. On the other hand, Womack’s prior murder offense was connected to a drug sale.

On Monday, Texas Judge Denise Collins added more to Taylor’s bond, making it $2 million for capital murder and $1million for tampering with evidence. Womack’s bail was increased to $1 million for capital murder.

The Houston Police Union has opposed the judge’s choice to grant any bail to the suspected killers.

“These two are a threat to public safety, whether or not they have the money to post bail. They were already on bond for pending murders they already committed. Now, they kill again and are granted bail again?…sickening. Absolutely foolish,” the union stated.

Prosecutors don’t want Judge Collins to release the suspects even if their bail is posted. This Friday morning, another hearing in Ursin’s matter will take place.

Detectives believe that the deputy’s killing was in relation to road rage.



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